KLEEN mobile app | Co-Founder

Style and Brand Consultancy

Co-founder of newly launched app, KLEEN – a sustainable car concierge service, that comes to you via an app

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KLEEN App, the first discreet concierge style mobile app service available for iOS. After a successful beta mobile app launch, Laura Adrianna has led the success of reaching over 25,000 users in just a few short months, this all mobile experience offers an on-demand sustainable car care solution.  It offers a convenient service for busy professionals and families and above all – solves London’s biggest water waste challenges.  Using only an award winning waterless technology, made in Great Britain.  KLEEN App can be easily booked anywhere the car is parked in three easy seamless steps.


Style and Brand Consultancy

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Managing the delivery of content and conceptualizing creative strategies for all  CITZEN FEMME channels and formats (newsletter, banners, landing pages, social media and set compliant).  In addition building relationships for paid partnerships, cross-promotions and collaborations.

CITZEN FEMME has quickly established itself as the go-to destination for a female’s  insider guide who are frequent travellers whether on business or pleasure.


AKIM Organic Care | PR & Strategy Development

Style and Brand Consultancy


Brand-positioning, public relations and marketing in Europe, North America and Switzerland.

AKIM Perrotta Salon recent launch of AKIM Organic Hair Care created by Owner and Creative Director, a natural hair care collection for the jet-setters without  harsh chemicals including Parabens, MIT and Triclosan and replaced with natural native actives from AKIM Organic Care’s birthplace of Switzerland.