‘JUSTINA BOW’ mini multi-color- textured-vegan clutch bag

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This week edit of the perfect clutch bag features handcrafted up-cycled  ‘JUSTINA BOW’  mini multi-color- textured-all vegan clutch bag.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 19.00.02

The brand’s ‘JUSTINA BOW’ arm candy became an instant success since it’s launched and most Insta – popular,  is now arguably the most popular up-cycled clutch, whilst supporting fair fashion practices and honouring the handmade craftsmanship of our artisans.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 19.00.02

Designer Lucia Jombikova  bags use a blend of up-cycled materials such as magazines candy wrappers and wrapping papers. The handles are made out faux leather so there is no real leather used in the bag, therefore it is vegan as well as eco-friendly.

 THE BERRY BERRY uses 100% recycled and 100% vegan by using hundreds of hundreds of magazines, candy wrappers and wrapping papers to create the handcraft capsule collection. In addition. applying a positive mission to ensure Fair Wage to  producers in Slovakia and Romania.  The brand uses innovative process to inspire and encourage others to reduce, reuse, recycle and up-cycle in a creative way and teach them how to live a healthy and eco friendly lifestyle.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  All of the Berry Berry handbags, clutch bags and purses have been up-cycled whilst supporting fair fashion practices and honouring the handmade craftsmanship of our artisans.  Supporting ‘Project Purse’ Organisation: With every 5 bags sold we donate 1 bag with food, sanitary products and cosmetics to homeless women, Refugee women or women in need.  The Berry Berry are giving back and we are supporting Project Purse, an NGO, who donates bags to women in need and refugee women. For every 5 bags we donate 1 bag with essentials and food to women in need.

For more information follow  THE BERRY BERRY  @berryberryuk

Beauty Lunch Break: ‘Auricular Acupuncture Treatment’ 15-minute booster session at 58 Lifestyle

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‘Beauty Lunch Breaks’ series continues and this week, it’s all about holistic healing …. beginning with your ears. 

I’m very excited for ‘Auricular Acupuncture Treatment’ at the swanky 58 Lifestyle  on South Molton Street, London.  

MOP style 58 Lifestyle

(photo credit: @odabeide)

‘Auricular Acupuncture Treatment’15-minute booster session offers a solution to  calm the busy mind, body and soul.  I’m more of a grab-and-go lunch-kind-of-business-women as my mission is to maximise my work week  lunch hour with treatments that will re-boot and recharge to avoid sluggish afternoons.  

58 Lifestyle Street Style 2

(photo credit: @odabeide)

58 Lifestyle is known for an oasis of calm where treatments are holistic to achieve optimal health for mind, body and soul.   There is range wellbeing luxurious products (cruelty-free),  all thoughtfully made.   Products include 100% natural ingredients scents, hand care & body care. 

Described as ‘House Of Experts,’ 58 Lifestyle offers a wide array of holistic treatments for even the most demanding beauty enthusiast.  While in London working at the KLEEN HQ,  58 Lifestyle has really been my work-week go-to sanctuary to stay focused and help to cancel out  ‘noise’ from the high pressures of leading a start up mobile tech company and finding a balance as a young mum. 


(CINDY SHIRT  Mother of Pearl ) |  Make up by  @hourglasscosmetics Cruelty Free Honest Beauty

‘Auricular Acupuncture Treatment’ 15-minute booster treatment led by Andre Zitcera, a Somatic Experienced Practitioner & Acupuncturist at Journey Malibu Treatment Centre.  He started with applying earthly top notes include green Mandarin, Jasmin, geranium and coriander on my inner wrists. 

The theory behind ear acupuncture is that the whole body can be mapped out on the ear so it is possible to treat the whole body just by inserting needles into points in your ears. This protocol focuses on five acupuncture points in the ear. These five points affect body functions and are concerned with cleansing the body.


KYRA DENIM TROUSER Mother of Pearl  | (CINDY SHIRT  Mother of Pearl )


The theory behind ear acupuncture is that the whole body can be mapped out on the ear so it is possible to treat the whole body just by inserting needles into points in your ears. protocol focuses on five acupuncture points in the ear. These five points affect body functions and are concerned with cleansing the body. Andre Zitcera


I felt this release and sense of calmness. as Andre continued to insert the needles into each ear – the needles used are made of stainless steel, are sterile and disposable (they are used only once).  

Continuing to breath in the all-natural balancing scents of aroma therapy oils, Andre talked me through auricular acupuncture points and thought to share the knowledge: 


SHEN MEN: Translated as “Spirit Gate”. This point serves to alleviate anxiety by creating a relaxing effect and balancing heart rate.

SYMPATHETIC: Relates to the emotional nervous system. This point helps to alleviate stress, diseases of the digestive system and aids the respiratory system.

LUNGS: Organ most abused by inhalants such as marijuana, cigarettes, etc. This point helps with breathing and balancing the life force.

LIVER: Responsible for detoxification and blood purification. This point helps with anger and overall confidence.

KIDNEY: Cleanses damage caused by drug and alcohol abuse. This point calms fears and removes insecurities and strengthens the nervous system.


Wearing KYRA DENIM TROUSER Mother of Pearl

And just like that – ‘Auricular Acupuncture Treatment’15-minute booster session was all over.  I felt energised and ready to continue my afternoon. 

While walking out of the quite halls of 58 Lifestyle Molton Street, my phone rang.  I was obliged to answer as it was my 2pm scheduled conference call from Zurich.    But this time, I was bright-eyed and ready to power through my conference call and the rest of my afternoon, with zero caffeine. 


ABOUT MOTHER OF PEARL COLLECTION:  After the No Frills is a core diffusion collection that forms your every day Mother of Pearl wardrobe. The line was born out of a project to try and create a product with a transparent supply chain, organic natural materials, social responsibility, respect to animals, a low carbon footprint and great quality.


Gloss & Go Blow Dry | DryBy Salon

Beauty Lunch Breaks

Best for hair blow dry 

Having a good blow-dry can transform your entire look and for this reason, blow-dry bars are heaven sent – speedy, functional and expertly executed.

DryBy outside

What I love about DryBy, they offer a speedy makeover with a capsule collection of five blow-dry styles that will take you across the globe – from a classic London look, to beach-ready Rio waves and back to the sleek and chic Upper East Side.  I chose the ROME. 

DryBy Before

Channeling my inner Sophia Loren and my passion for big hair and volume.   I thought it was best suited for a Monday – setting a strong tone for the week ahead right?

The gloss-and-go transformation at DryBy make lacklustre hair look fresh again due to the products used Original & Mineral ( O &M ),  an indie Australian botanical brand I am now crazy about.  The O&M products to “maintain your mane” made easy in even the most hottest summer months of the year while living in a city like London where humidity runs quite high.   Oils of Evening Primrose and Macadamia seed combine in a mild moisturizing everyday formula that cleanses the hair and scalp. Antioxidants and amino acids in Banksia Flower protect, helping freshly washed hair stay healthy.

Hair Back DryBy

O&M hair productsThe result? Hair immediately looks refreshed, healthy and shiny.  Plus, it’s located on Mortimer Street right next to spin studio mid day hair emergencies.

DryBy After

The 35-minute blow-dry is accompanied by a coffee or sparkling wine so you can disconnect while gloss-and-go transformation make lacklustre hair look fresh out the door quickly.

DryBy Blow-dry, £35, Dryby.co.uk


Scarf  | The Furla Savana scarf (Furla)

Shirt | Italian cashmere short-sleeve T-shirt (J Crew)

Sunglasses | Miu Miu

Glow For It | FaceGym

Beauty Lunch Breaks

Best for instant facial glow  

It’s Wednesday and I just landed in London for business. Often I feel that I am re-living the American film,  Up In The Air a frequent flyer and secretly always counting my air miles.

The FG studio

With a few hours to spare before my catch-up meeting with one of my favourite client, I thought a little “glow” this afternoon would add nicely to my polished appearance.

New FG photo

With FaceGym flag ship studio on Kings Road, I jumped in an uber and booked their new The Party Face (55 mins) online in 3 easy steps.  The treatment promises to tighten and brighten with 24karat gold and silver workout. I chose the gold. The benefit? Gold boosts collagen for the ultimate pre-party radiance. Although I wasn’t planning to attend a party afterwards, I definitely needed an ultimate pre-party radiance to boost this afternoon.

The Party Face (55 mins) included a combination of FaceGym’s unique electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device that emits mild, yet forceful electrical waves to stimulate muscles and restore skin’s elasticity with the famous 24 karat gold mask from Mimi Luzon for an immediate lift and radiance.

My skin looked flushed, dewy and healthy and my cheekbones more prominent.  It’s ideal way of de-puff and brighten your skin after even a short flight from Zurich.

The FG 2

FaceGym founder, Inge Theron, “Our new FaceGym revolutionises the beauty scene. Pairing natural products and techniques with state of the art technology, we are able to offer customers non-invasive treatments that help sculpt, lift and tone.”

FaceGym has always been my go-to brand when in London as it offers a healthier alternative in maintaining innovative techniques to stretch and strengthen our 40-odd facial muscles.  A personal trainer (basically a masseuse for your face) uses various knuckling movements and whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulation and collagen production to give the illusion of having had a face lift without the needles.

The Face Gym is available at Selfridges and also at its flagship on the King’s Road.


Blouse | Silk floral print silk blouse (Valentino)

Shoes | leather sing sandals (Marni)

Insta-worthy brows | Nails & Brows Mayfair

Beauty Lunch Breaks

Best for naturally styled brows in minutes  

 Brows can add structure to the face and offers a more youthful appearance. It’s Monday and an important week ahead.  I realised that I am in dire need a quick tidy, shape and enhancement.  This week, with only 30 minutes to spare, I visited West London’s affluent area Nails & Brows.  Their newest innovative treatment, called the ‘Audrey Brow’ styled by  The Beauty Edit Mayfair  products.

A modern take on Audrey Hepburn’s iconic eyebrow shape, which focuses on the modern women’s signature brow. Sherrille Riley, UK’s leading brow connoisseur with a client list of both celebrities and fashion elite, created an arch – less shape tapering out towards the temple. The result? An instant lift in the eye area.

The Beauty Edit Mayfair has perfected the art of speedy threading. Painless and a quick pick-me-up for tired eyes.

Plus! Walking up to the 2nd floor with white marble, copper and lots of natural lighting was calming and allowed me to disconnect throughout my treatment.

An edited range from leading expert brow Sherrille Riley from founder Nails & Brows newest innovative treatment, The Beauty Edit Mayfair combines her colour of technology, with her expertise in brow architecture to deliver bespoke brow express grooming that fits into a busy schedule like mine.

The products are formulated with an exclusive conditioning complex of castor oil, pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E that promotes the health of hair and encourages growth for stronger, fuller brows. The creamy, non-waxy formulas mean Beauty Edit Mayfair brow pencils are easily applied and aim to achieve a natural, defined finish.

Celebrity brow expert and founder, Sherrille Riley has created an exclusive collection of brow styling solutions created to deliver natural effortlessly defined brows, with pure pigmented colours. The edited collection comprises of ten products, including essential brow tools with pencils and highlighters coming in three shades, blonde, brunette and dark brown. All products are formulated with a conditioning complex of castor oil, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E.   Beauty Edit Mayfair will be available to purchase in-store and online from 21 June.

 Her collection neutralises brassiness, redness and ashy undertones to suit a full range of clients.  The collection, which comprises of brow styling solutions created to deliver natural, defined brows, includes Brow Filler (Natural Blonde, Taupe & Dark Dahlia), Brow Lift (Brow Muse, Natural Lift & Pick Me Up) and The Brow Setter which is a clear gel with added cucumber extract.

Plus! Beauty Edit Mayfair offers a brow kit that you can purchase and create a naturally defined look at home.

For more information and appointments, nailsandbrows.me


Silk Scarf | Furla

Pearls | Tiffany Akoya Pearls

Blazer | STELLA MCCARTNEY Melissa Blazer